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Bright -A normal “bad cop &good cop” movie?

The success:

David Ayer directed the movie Bright. It was published on December 22nd, 2017. The movie has only been released on Netflix. On the first three days, 11 Million Americans watched the movie. The movie was produced for 90 Million dollars. Bright also has an own soundtrack with very popular singers on it, for example, Snoop Dog and Bastille. David Ayer also directed Suicide Squad and will direct Bright 2.

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Lustige Kurzgeschichten- Schönhauser Allee


Das Buch Schönhauser Allee

Schönhauser Allee ist ein sehr bekanntes und lustiges Buch, welches viele Jugendliche zum Lachen bringt. Es wurde von Wladimir Kaminer auf Deutsch verfasst und im Jahre 2010 veröffentlicht. Kaminer begeistert jedoch nicht nur die Jugendlichen mit seinem Humor, auch Erwachsene lieben seine Bücher. So kam es dazu, dass bis 2010 rund 2,9 Millionen Bücher verkauft worden sind, davon waren die berühmtesten Militärmusik und Russendisko, die dann auch außerhalb von Deutschland veröffentlicht wurden und den Autor noch bekannter machten.

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The man with the heart full of power

In November 2017 the internationally famous singer Sam Smith released his new album `The Thrill of It All`. He produced his album with a good friend named Jimmy Napes. It took three years to record the album, because Smith wanted to put his whole heart into this album, what you can definitely feel in the songs. The years before he had released a few new albums and singles which had all reached high ranks in the charts. Songs like “Writings on the wall”, “Stay with me” or “I`m Not the Only One” are very popular and ranked high in the charts. Smith is famous for his songs because they all have a real story with many emotions in their lyrics.

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James Bond-Dr.No

The first Adventure of the famous Agent

James Bond’s Dr.No is based on the James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming. The film is the first in a series of films produced by Albert R. Broccoli. It´s a classical spy film with funny and exciting scenes. It is a good adaption of the novel that surely satisfies everyone, and those who like the novel will arouse in enthusiasm if they watch the film! Continue reading James Bond-Dr.No