Im Englischunterricht der Klasse 9e/f haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler ein ganz tolles Projekt: das Postcrossing. Was das ist, beschreiben sie so:

… in English…

What is Postcrossing? is a website on which you can register for free. On it you are given a random address to which you can write a postcard. You send the postcard and then you wait for the recipient to register the card online. If the recipient wants to he can send us a short message via email. As soon as the card is registered our address is enabled for another user of Postcrossing. He can then send us a postcard. That’s how you get postcards from all over the world.

10 facts about Postcrossing

  1. If you want to send a postcard to another country the stamp costs 90cent.
  2. Postcards are mostly written in English.
  3. The costs for a postcard are from 30 cents to 2Euros.
  4. Some postcrossers have special card wishes.
  5. You get to know something about other countries and other people.
  6. Sometimes you have the opportunity to swap addresses with other users and find pen-pals.
  7. We have already got 17 postcards until the 3rd of November 2016.
  8. We have sent 29 cards since the 24th of August 2016.
  9. Up to now we have received postcards from Russia, the Czech Republic, Japan, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, the USA, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania and Taiwan.
  10. We have sent cards to Austria, the USA, Russia, Ireland, Finland, the Philippines, Belgium, Turkey, China, Portugal, Japan, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and Belarus, for example.
… auf deutsch …

Was ist Postcrossing? ist eine Webseite, bei der man sich kostenlos anmelden kann. Dort bekommt man zufällig eine Adresse zugeteilt, an die man eine Postkarte schreiben kann. Man bringt die Postkarte zur Post und wartet bis sie vom Empfänger registriert wird. Wenn der Empfänger Lust hat, kann er uns per Email eine kurze Nachricht zukommen lassen. Sobald unsere Postkarte registriert wurde, wird unsere Adresse für einen Nutzer freigeschaltet, der uns dann eine Postkarte schreiben kann. Man bekommt so Postkarten aus der ganzen Welt.

10 Fakten über Postcrossing

  1. Eine Postkarte ins Ausland zu schicken kostet 0,90€.
  2. Postkarten werden meistens auf Englisch geschrieben.
  3. Eine Postkarte kostet zwischen 0,30€ und 2€.
  4. Manche Postcrosser haben spezielle Kartenwünsche.
  5. Man erfährt etwas über andere Länder und Leute.
  6. Manchmal bietet sich die Gelegenheit mit anderen Nutzern Adressen zu tauschen und Brieffreundschaften zu entwickeln.
  7. Bis zum 03.11.2016 haben wir bereits 17 Postkarten bekommen.
  8. Seit dem 24.08.2016 haben wir 29 Karten verschickt.
  9. Die Karten kamen bisher beispielsweise aus Russland, Tschechien, Japan, Schweden, England, den Niederlanden, den USA, Belgien, Österreich, Litauen und Taiwan.
  10. Wir haben bisher Karten nach Österreich, in die USA, nach Russland, Irland, Finnland, Philippinen, Belgien, Türkei, China, Portugal, Japan, Neuseeland, Tschechien, Weißrussland, usw.


Und was die Schülerinnen und Schüler darüber denken, verraten sie uns auch:

I like Postcrossing because I like the style of the postcards. The first 2 or 3 times I didn’t know what I wanted to write on the cards. I really enjoyed all the cards we received and I hope we get more beautiful postcards.

Julian, 15


I like Postcrossing because it’s a great chance to learn new things about different cultures from all over the world. My favourite thing about Postcrossing is getting postcards, but I also like sending them. Once we got a card from a girl in the Netherlands. She wrote her card with a pink pen. I liked this postcard the most.

Sarah, 17


I like about Postcrossing that we get postcards from all over the world. I think it’s cool that we write postcards at school, because I don’t write Postcatds at home. One time we got a postcard from Austria and I really liked it, because I was born and raised in Austria for a few years.

Aaron, 16


I like Postcrossing because I can get to know new people. I can write to other countries and that makes Postcrossing very interesting for me.

Andre, 17


I like Postcrossing because I can swap information with other people of the world. One time we had to write a card to a Chinese guy who had very special wishes. The card travelled over two months.

Manuel, 17


I like Postcrossing because you can learn something about the culture of a country and by the way you are getting postcards from all around the world. I liked a situation with a Chinese man because he wanted postcards with hot girls. When I heard that, I grinned so hard, that I thought my teeth fall out.

Kevin, 17


I like about Postcrossing that we get in contact with people from other countries. One tome we didn’t only get a postcard but also a little sheep with a magnet from Russia.

Kevin, 16




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