Background at the Käferschule

The Early Birds Project is an English program initiative that has been integrated into the Käferschule since 2016. The project began with Prof. Dr. Carl Hahn and his timely collaboration with the Antonius-Holling Foundation. The Early Birds project was launched in August 2007, at the Edith Stein Kindergarten. Their first group of Early Birds consisted of seventeen children with one Native English Teacher. The project has now been running for over 10 years.

Since 2016, two Early Birds groups from the Edith Stein Kindergarten have been placed at the Käferschule. The first group started in the academic year 2016/17 and they were called “Starlings” (now Grade 2 Early Birds). The kindergarten Native English Teacher helped to transition the children into the Käferschule and then the project was developed further by a Grundschule Teacher. The program grew in the second academic year 2017/18, with another Early Birds group joining the Käferschule. They were called “Merlins” (now Grade 1 Early Birds). Since December 2017, the program is being advanced by a Native English Teacher at the Käferschule.