The ups and downs of a goldcard owner

For two weeks I have had a ‘goldcard’. With this card grade 9 students are allowed to go out during breaks.

Every break on Tuesday and Thursday I go to the supermarket with my friend. We take our bikes and we need only five minutes to get there. Then we shop for ourselves and for everyone waiting for us at school. Sometimes we buy a pizza for our friends and ourselves. When we come back to school, the teacher in charge always asks if we have unhealthy food, because it is not desired to eat unhealthy food on school grounds.

On the one hand, the ‘goldcard’ can give a little bit more self-confidence, because you must take care of what you eat and that you are back in time in school. But when you want to eat things like pizza, you can’t take it with you into the school.

In my opinion, it should be the decision of every student what he or she wants to eat in their lunchbreaks at school. So, teachers should not tell you what you can eat and whether it is healthy or not.

Do you think that pupils are old enough to decide what they want to eat?



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