The criminal 187 Strassenbande

For one and a half years the 187 Strassenbande have been causing a big hype. They are very popular with their rap music. In their texts they rap about their criminal past, about growing up and the hard life in Hamburg.


With their album “Sampler 4” 187 Strassenbande hit the national and international Streaming-record, so for now they are the most successful German-speaking rap group. 

187 Strassenbande does not only consist of rappers, there are also sprayers and other people in the group. Actually, only five members are rappers: Gzuz is the heart of the group and Bonez MC is his pacemaker. The others are called Maxwell, LX and Sa4. Compared to the other members Maxwell is very young, with only 24 years. LX, for example, is 31 years old.

187 Strassenbande is very controversial, because they smoke weed and they are very criminal. On December 4th, 2017, Gzuz, one member of the group, got a four-month suspension sentences, because he slapped somebody in the face. This is his 13th conviction. They often say that they hate the police. In general, they aren’t good role models. But you need to know that they don’t want to be role models for others.

Do you think that these rappers have a negative influence on young listeners? Which music do you like?


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