Why is there so much stress in school?



After the holidays, we were motivated to go back to school. We had got different new teachers and we saw the new 5th graders for the first time. Beside that every student still had enough free time and could do what he or she like. But this feeling did not last very long.

Now the school is boring because in the last three weeks we did a lot of things that weren’t much fun. We began to learn for tests and prepared presentations for different subjects, so it became more and more. But why did the teachers give us so much work in the short time?

For instance, in politics we created our own company in groups of four. In the lesson we learned what’s important to establish a company in 3 weeks. It was hard, because the task was sometimes difficult to understand. Some pupils of grade 9G2 did not feel self- confident and were unsure or stressed out.


Moreover, some students in the school didn’t understand the assignments in the important subjects (Mathematics, German, English), but luckily the older students could help the younger with private tutoring.

In my opinion the teachers can write their exams at different times, so the students can learn more and have free time, too.

How do you feel about the number of class tests, especially shortly before holidays? What can be done to make the situation less stressful?


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