My future as a police officer

Polizei Niedersachsen
Polizei Niedersachsen

In my internship I was at the police, because I found it’s a very diverse job. For example, you can do something with dogs or horses or drive in the city and check if everything is in order.

My internship was so interesting and funny, because the police officers had a lot of fun and told me a lot of jokes or funny wisdoms, that they heard from other people they met on duty. But when we had an operation we took it seriously, because we had to focus on the important things, when somebody was telling us about their observations.

In these two weeks I heard so much about this job, interesting things but also negative sides. For example, you must be flexible, because sometimes your operations begin at 5am or at 7pm. When I was there I had working hours from 7am to 1pm or from 1pm to 7pm. I could only work during those times, because I´m under 18.

When I spoke with the police officers at the beginning I felt shy, but when they asked me a lot of questions they built up trust. Then I told them something about my life or asked them questions about their job.

For four days I was in the patrol service, where I sat behind the police officers and went out with them, when they had a job to do. Maybe there was a day when you had many operations or days with two to four jobs.

I think, it was interesting to gain insight into a job and do this for two weeks. I could imagine working as a police officer in a few years.


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