Bright -A normal “bad cop &good cop” movie?

The success:

David Ayer directed the movie Bright. It was published on December 22nd, 2017. The movie has only been released on Netflix. On the first three days, 11 Million Americans watched the movie. The movie was produced for 90 Million dollars. Bright also has an own soundtrack with very popular singers on it, for example, Snoop Dog and Bastille. David Ayer also directed Suicide Squad and will direct Bright 2.


 The content:

The story is set in a fantasy world. In this world, there are elves and Orcs but normal humans, too. Orcs are a mix of humans and pigs. Between the species, there are many tensions due to an incident of 2000 years ago. The human cop, Daryl Ward (Will Smith), and the Orc Cop, Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), are partners in their jobs as police officers. The two must get above their prejudices to survive and save the world.


During a normal night patrol, they are making a strange discovery in an old factory. There they find the elf Tikka (Lucy Fry). Tikka is being pursued by another elf who wants the ‘Wand’. The ‘Wand’ is a magical object but only some people can use it. With this object the bad elf, Leihla, want to arouse the evil again. The two cops try to take care of Tikka and risk the life doing so. They must fight against bad gangs and elves. At the end, both forget their prejudices. The cop Daryl Ward found something strange about himself and the clever elf Tikka often saves the two cops.


 Own Opinion:

The characters are well played by Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The masks and special effects are not bad but for the high production costs, you expect more. It is a normal “god cop & bad cop” movie but in a fantasy world it is more suitable. The film is for people who like action. For people who like love movies is the movie not good. I think the film is not as bad as the critics say.   

Text: M.Wld

Picture: Pixabay


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