Welcome to the jungle

The runway, the jump pit or even the volleyball court are unusable due to roots, weeds and impurities. When are we going to be able to use it again?

For several months now, teachers and students can no longer run sports on the outdoor sports complex and there is no improvement in sight.

Already in April of this year, the school got criticized by some of the parents. A 9th year student is looking forward to next summer as he might be able to play with his friends on the volleyball court, but he does not know if the problem will have been solved by then. To be honest, the runway looks more like a miniature jungle, where you should watch your steps. It just doesn´t look like a schoolyard.

Another 7th year student said it was sad that it hasn´t been renewed, because he is an athlete and he could do some training on the runway.

I also think it´s sad. It makes the schoolyard look old and ugly. Imagine the new school is finished and the rest of the play- and sportsground looks like the woods. That doesn´t fit.





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