Delicious or Dangerous?

Different Fast Food

Drive-through or having food delivered to your home, for example, is so easy for a lot of people. There are so many different kinds of fast food chains and shops you can choose between, like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC. And lots of different foods like burgers, French fries, pizza, hotdogs, kebab, tacos and soft drinks like Coca Cola, Sprite and stuff like this. Everything seems delicious and tasty but is it also good for our body and health?

Fast food has many negative effects on our bodies and changes a lot about our health, that doesn’t mean that you should stop eating fast food forever but maybe not every day of the week.
In order to give you an idea what is bad about it, here are some facts. A lot of fast food is filled with sodium, which can be the reason for bad headaches. Moreover, eating it twice or more times a week increases the risk of insuline resistance, what can also lead to diabetes type 2. Also, the big amount of fast food in a short amount of time will make you overweight no matter which age you are. In addition to that, in your “tasty” fast food there is more sugar and fat than you really need and not as many vitamines and minerals that are actually necessary. Fast food like hamburgers or French fries are very high-carb, they can increase bad acne, which is difficult to get rid off. Another consequence is about your immune system, what will not be healthy and strong anymore and will also react to little Diseases.

To be honest, fast food is for an amount of people the most likely food, it is easy to cook or to order. Nevertheless we should focus more on the healthy food because otherwise it will be dangerous for us and the good food is much better for our health and body. Don’t stop eating fast food but just remember the things which are bad about it if you eat too much of it. Find a good balance between healthy and fast food and you will stay healthy.

Healthy food

Text: R.Gdm  Bilder: Pixabay

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