Respect your Environment

Respect your Environment!

You better watch out or you´ll eventually step on a banana peel or something as distasteful as it. Have you ever looked on the floor in our school? No? Well, you definitely should, especially in popular areas like our entrance hall. You see heaps of garbage on the ground and people recklessly letting their trash fall on the school floor and afterwards just walk away like nothing has ever happened. 

When you bought something at the kiosk you most likely don´t know what to do with the packaging. Trash cans are not allowed to be placed in our school, because of the emergency exits. There needs to be enough space to run outside if something is on fire, but right now we don´t have more than twenty bins outside, so appreciate them and use the ones we have.

But that is not even the biggest problem why our school looks so dirty.

We live in a society where only a small part of people care about stuff like that, but imagine your own room or house would look so disgusting. The school was trying to reduce the pollution a little bit by not selling milkshakes. Everyone was kind of sad, because most of the people bought milkshakes at the kiosk.

Until today, the auditorium for classes 9/10 has been closed for a few months, because of all the garbage the pupils had left in there. So, now we have to go outside and most pupils don´t want to. In general, our school always looks messy, the chairs and tables are untidy. Rarely anyone is cleaning anything and if so, it only lasts till the next break.

Therefore, if you see someone not throwing something in the bins, just remind them that they should watch their surroundings and maybe the auditorium will be opened in the breaks again, so we don´t have to spend our breaks outside. But if we keep on being ruthless that is probably not going to happen soon.

Everyone should respect their environment.

Bild & Text: A.Hei

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