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 Get into the heart of Rab

„We are home“ I screamed when my family and I had arrived on the island of Rab. We were there for the ninth time but I had nevertheless tears in my eyes when I saw the beautiful island again. Everything seems to be fine there. You have no chance to think about your work, problems or school. The only thing you see is the beautiful landscape with the wonderful blue and clear water. I assure you, you will also be speechless when you arrive at this place!

Lying under the palms of Rab with a small drink in your hands, surrounded by white, warm sand and crystal water. Everybody’s problems are forgotten. People are running along the beach. Small tripods are lined up on the sand and selfie sticks are held aloft. People are relaxing their bodies and souls and the sun is shining from above.  Happy children are playing in the sand and do what they want and you are in the middle of it.


Rab is an island located just off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic. It is one of the islands which sits in the middle of the  Kvarner Bay. Ferries connect the island with the mainland port of Stinica with Misnjak on the island of Rab. The neighbouring islands are Krk and Pag, which are also connected with the ferries. The best way to get to places is to rent a car on the island. A good option is to drive with your own car but you need around 12 hours to arrive in Croatia. If you travel by plane you need two to three hours.


Facts about Rab:

Country: Croatia
Population: 9.500
Highest point: Kamenjak
Area: 93,6km²


  • has 22 wonderful beaches
  • is known for crystal-blue and clear water
  • has an old historical town
  • has many attractions (Komrcar park, kayak-canoe tours, Cathedral of St. Mary The Great)
  • offers possibilities for water and normal activities


There are many attractions you can visit and and activities you can do.

You can go to the city in the afternoon, for example, and have different kinds of drinks there and listen to music. Between 7 and 12 pm there are also bands who play Croatian but also German and English music. In the summer there are  festivals where many people come together in the city and listen to music. But in the morning or afternoon you can also do a lot of water sports or go diving in some of the desirable beaches. If you want to see something of the island or landscape you can also rent a boat, a scooter, a quad and some more to get to the most special places.

Besides the people are very open-minded, helpful and friendly and I have never make bad experiences with them. So, if you want some special tips ask the local inhabitants because they know the best places and activities.


My recommendations:

  • Restaurant Belveder (delicious food and low prices)
  • Apartments Bojana (adress: Supertarska Draga 443, 51280 Rab)
  • Beach Rajska plaza (perfect for water activities and children)
  • Shopping mall in the Old Town Rab (various shops)


All in all, Rab is the most beautiful place for me and you can gain a lot of experience there. Furthermore, the people on the island are more than helpful and very friendly. Everybody has enough space – children, young people, middle aged people and elderly people and that’s why the island  fascinates me.

Photo taken by M.Gtk: Old Town Rab in the evening

text / photos: M.Gtk

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