The big difference

Weihnachten, Neues Jahr, WeihnachtsmannOn Christmas,  kids and adults get gifts from other people. They sing Christmas songs, learn poetry by heart and it is a sensational atmosphere at the time around and before this day. On New Year’s Eve there is a party with fireworks and, mostly, much alcohol. There is only one week between these two days and they are so different.

Weihnachten, Weihnachtsbaum, Dekorieren

Christmas is the festival of gifts. On this day Jesus was born and everyone wants to be happy. One week before the beginning of the new year families come together, eat together and they hand out presents. In the Christmas story the shepherds come and the three Magi, Casper, Melchior and Balthazar, want to see baby Jesus.


Silvester, Feuerwerk, LeuchtfeuerSilvester had its beginning in China, there it was to chase the bad ghosts. They think that noise and bright lights will banish the ghosts from the roadhouse and offer a start into the next year. At this time it is mostly only firework shot into the sky to end and celebrate the old and new year. Most of you think about the things you did the last year and what you want to do next year.
The difference between the two festivals are big, but they are a good team. One is for the family and the other one for fun with friends and for parties. It is very good to have them in the same school holidays and within a short amount of time.


text: o.deu, photos: pixabay

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