Mallorca- not only good for partying

Who does not wish to be lazy in the sun the whole year. I have this wish every year and in the summer holidays it comes true. This year I flew to Mallorca and resided in a flat of the „Sun Club El Dorado“. The club with three pools and endless food has to offer a lot of attractions for the visitor. On the estate you can play tennis and minigolf and ride horses and you mustn´t pay anything extra to do these activities. The club offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can eat also something in the sports bar all day long. Swimming, being lazy in the sun and eating as much as you can, this is the perfect holiday destination for everybody who enjoys relaxing. For everyone who loves action I would recommend different hotel complex in Mallorca. There are enough hotels at the „Ballermann“ where the action is. 

But not everything was good! There were also negative points and situations. The apartment wasn´t special, it was a simple kept one with four rooms, three beds, a TV and an air- conditioning system. And with this one we had some problems. Sometimes at midday when it was very hot we went in our apartment and started the air- conditioning system. One day, it happened. From one moment to the next, the ventilation system failed. It was a big problem because from this moment on we didn´t have any possibilities to flee from the heat. Another problem in the morning was that we had to hurry up because the cleaning service came very early. It was quite stressful to hurry up in the shower every morning. In spite of these aspects, the negative was clearly subject to the positive. 

One day we used a special offer made by the sun club going into a waterpark. We rode the bus for free and so we went  for 50 and not 75 euros per person to the “ Aqualand Mallorca“.  It was one of the biggest water parks I have ever seen! Huge slides with and without tyres, large pools and white-water rides await you there. An unbelievable experience that I also got at a lower price! If you talk about places to visit when you are in Mallorca, Palma shouldn´t be missing. Palma has the most sights in Mallorca like the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. 

When you think about holidays in Mallorca one of the first places that comes to mind clearly is the „Ballermann“. The very well-known party mile is famous for sensational parties and the beautiful beaches. For persons loving partying the „Ballermann“ is perfect. As you can see Mallorca is neither just being lazy in the sun nor just wild partying. Mallorca offers both. Additionally, because of the good weather Mallorca is suitable for almost everyone. There are hotels for enjoyment but there are also hotels for the big partying. So, Mallorca has a great holiday variety! The large number of attractions like the water parks, the Ballermann, Palma de Mallorca and the attractions which are provided by the hotels do the rest to make Mallorca very suitable for your next holiday trip.   


Attractions:    – sights of Palma de Mallorca 

                      – „Aqualand Mallorca“ 

                      – „Ballermann“ 

                      – beautiful beaches 

                      – hotel sports like tennis and minigolf 


text and photo: B.Vl

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