Girl has to go to the police station. What is next?


Night School Buch
Night School Buch

A literary success

“Night School you can’t trust anyone” is one of five novels for young readers by the British author C.J Daugherty. It was her first novel and it was published in 2012. In addition, it was translated n 20 different languages.

The plot

The fifteen-year-old girl Allie Sheridan has to go to the police station for the third time in one year because she and her friend were spraying graffiti in her school. That is why her parents decide to bring her to the boarding school Cimmeria. There you have to stick to many rules, for example, you are not allowed to leave the site and to bring your electronic equipment with you. Moreover, there is rumor about a Night School. Everyone but Allie attend Cimmeria because of family traditions.

Next, Allie finds friends and she start to be interested in two boys, the charming French Sylvain and the secretive Carter. Later strange incidents take place at Cimmeria. One of them is a murder and Allie is suspected. Now she wants to search the real murderer. In the meantime, she finds a mysterious connection between the school and her mother. Allie doesn’t know if she can trust anyone. Furthermore, she wants to know what a Night School is?

My opinion

It’s a great book because there isn’t any boring part. Some moments like the point with the murder are very exciting, some are romantic and in other moments the theme friendship plays a big role. In the background there is the school life. In my opinion it’s a wonderful mixture.

Text/ Bild: S.Hrd